SLX 2.0" Pocket Grinder- 4 Piece in 6 Colors

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SLX 2.0" Pocket Grinder- 4 Piece in 6 Colors


The SLX herb grinders use the top quality material to give you a seamless herb grinding experience. The use of 7075 aluminum and the latest design make it one of the most sought after grinders. The grinder offers exceptional strength, perfect balance and ability to grind your favorite herbs optimally. Made form precision grade alloy that is used in high performance jet aircrafts, the SLX grinders will last for a lifetime.

The standard size of grinder comes with 55 razor sharp teeth to grind your material to perfection. The pocket size version of the SLX has 27 teeth to give you the same level of grinding power. All it takes is a couple of turns to shred your material optimally. The outer design is such that you can use the grinder even with moist hands. SLX herb grinders feature drum tight stainless steel screens with a fine micron size – ensuring only pollen gets filtered, not pieces of herb.

+ Pocket Grinder- 4 Pc Design,
+ 2.0 inch Non-Stick Ceramic Coating
+ ZERO Teflon® or PTFE
+ Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
+ Premium “pop out” Screens
+ Magnetic Lid

Product Name Price Qty
SLX 2" Pocket Grinder- Silver
SLX 2" Pocket Grinder- Black
SLX 2" Pocket Grinder- Green
SLX 2" Pocket Grinder- Charcoal
SLX 2" Pocket Grinder- Purple
SLX 2" Pocket Grinder- Champagne Gold

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