Renegade Oil Beaker- Choose from 3 different color options

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Renegade Oil Beaker- Choose from 3 different color options


This 9" tall Renegade Oil Beaker dab rig is the perfect daily driver to savor the flavor of your favorite extracts, wax & concentrates, offering HUGE diffusion and terps in a discrete piece.

The classic straight tube neck on this water pipe leads to a generous beaker-style water chamber and a rippin' multi-slit perc at the end of the fixed downstem. This dope design comes in 3 eye-catching color labels. If you are seeking scientific glass at its finest, look no further than Renegade Glass.

  • 9" tall
  • Renegade Glass - 3 vibrant label options
  • Renegade Glass Fixed / Built in Downstem - 14mm female 45 degree joint
  • *No slide/bowl or nail/dome included* 
  • Wide base gives greater stability
  • Rolled lip on mouthpiece
  • Flared tube for aesthetic appeal
  • Multi-slit diffusion on downstem
  • Glass on glass fitting, ideal for 14mm male quartz bangers
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable, stylish, durable
  • American made glass
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RG Oil Beaker Blue
RG Oil Beaker Multi
RG Oil Beaker Red

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