Our favorite promotion is always running!

The Master Minded Loyalty Rewards program kicks into effect
on every $1000+ order you place with us.

That's right!  You can get rewarded for things you need
everyday for your smoke shop or dispensary.

You might already have Loyalty Points waiting to be redeemed;
They are stored in your Wholesale Account with us and can be viewed anytime
by logging into your account on our website.


How do I start earning?


How much can I earn?

Earning and using your Loyalty Points is the absolute best way to save with Master Minded.  
For example, An order for $1,485 will get you 10 Loyalty Points, or $10 off a future order.  

Add $15 to your order to get the subtotal to $1500?  
You've earned 30 Loyalty Points, good for $30 off a future order!  




What are my Loyalty Points worth?


How can I spend my Points?


Cash in Loyalty Points each month to cover shipping, add on a few extra products, or even bank several hundred to pay for an entire order!
Use Loyalty Points by viewing your Cart, or at the Checkout Screen.

You have the option to use only some of your points in increments of 5x - or $5 - at a time. 


OR you can select "Maximize My Discount with Points" to use all your Points for the greatest discount!