Save Shelf Space With Be Lit Brand New Line of “Litcense”

Incense has been and always will be a staple in almost every smoke shop and head shop nationwide. Although it might be available at large chain retailers, a wider variety of fragrances and higher quality sticks are generally found in your local smoke shop. Traditionally, incense display racks can be quite bulky and cumbersome on shelves, which in turn requires more shelf real estate.

New Be Litcense comes in thinner, smaller, aluminum tin tubes, that don’t need a huge display area. This means more room for more product to generate more retail sales. Be License offers 16 flavors ranging from classics like Nag Champa and Egyptian Musk, to fun fruity scents like Plum Blossom and Mango Coconut. All sticks are hand dipped in California by be Lit Brand and come with 50 incense sticks per tin. All 16 fragrances in the Be Litcense Starter Pack include:


The designs for the incense tins are fresh and appealing to the next generation of retail shoppers as they discover what scents of incense they want to burn in their own homes. Two good “starter scents” we would recommend to first time incense buyers would be Dragons Blood and OG Kush. These sticks also help to mask any unwanted odor in a household, or add ambiance and set the mood for a night in. With a very competitive price point and sleek design that saves shelf space, we highly recommend getting the Be Litcense starter pack in your next order with Master Minded Distribution!

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