How To Clean A Bong


When seshing with friends, nothing is worse than being handed a filthy, dirty, crusty, glass bong that looks like some sort of science experiment gone horribly awry. You like to enjoy top-shelf buds and cannabis extracts. You deserve to blaze them out of a clean bong or dab rig. So we’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to clean your bong… the easy way.

If it’s your bong being passed around the party, you don’t want to be known as Resincakes Ronald, do you? DO YOU? For many years people turned to harsh toxic chemicals like isopropyl alcohol or worse. Some of you still do, admit it! Yuck. Salt too? C’mon buds, there is a better way and we’re going to show you how to do it.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that cleaning your bong or dab rig does not need to be a daunting task, and it doesn’t need to take a whole lot of time or energy IF you have the right tools for the job.


Fortunately for you, Master Minded carries the most essential glass cleaning gear in the industry. Simply put, if these products didn’t work, they wouldn’t still be in our catalog after all these years. The top smoke shops and head shops around the world continue to reorder these glass cleaning gadgets and we are proud to be their #1Source for what works best.

The best way to keep your glass clean is so simple it should go without saying, but here goes: just rinse it out after every single sesh. This habit alone will stop buildup before it starts, but we are just as guilty as the rest of you because we know that the daily cleaning isn’t always a reality.

So for those times when the resin is so thick you’re afraid it might be holding the glass together, here is our step by step guide for...

Gross Dirty Bong

How to Clean a Dirty Bong (The Easy Way)

Step 1

Gather your gear

Here at Master Minded, we carry the two most popular and most effective non-toxic glass cleaners in the industry in Formula 420 / Formula 710 and Black Magic Glass Cleaner.

Whichever of these two iconic brands that you prefer is up to you. Most importantly, they are both renowned for their long track records of cutting cleaning time down and getting your glass bong back in action.

You’ll also want to grab a set of the revolutionary silicone caps from Resolution. These multisize cleaning caps stretch and contract to fit the large and small openings on virtually any size mouthpiece or joint on all glass bongs and dab rigs. Their snug fit ensures that your cleaning experience stays that way – nice and clean. A bong water breach would ruin anyone’s mood.

Step 2

Remove any downstems, bowls/slides, dropdowns, ashcatchers, adapters, etc. Place them each in a separate container like a sturdy sealable Ziploc-style bag or a small Tupperware.

Step 3

Rinse the inner chamber(s) of your glass bong or dab rig with lukewarm tap/sink water, slowly but steadily increasing the temperature until it’s hot. Add the water from the mouthpiece, down, allowing it to flow out through the joint below. You want to be flushing everything out the opposite way that you will intake your smoke later. After a brief rinse of hot water, dump the bong out again.

Step 4

Pour the instructed amount of your chosen glass cleaning product – Formula 420 or Dark Crystal – into the inner chamber(s) of the bong or dab rig. Add an appropriate amount to the containers full of your glass accessories.

Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner
Step 5

Securely attach your Resolution Cleaning Caps to all openings on your glass bong or dab rig – make sure they are snug!

Resolution Cleaning Caps Resolution Cleaning Caps
Step 6

There is no need to wait, no overnight soaking needed. Gently begin to swirl the cleaning fluid around the entirety of the glass chamber inside your bong or dab rig. Carefully tilt and angle the glass while holding it firmly in both hands to ensure that the tube or neck and any direct inject stem is thoroughly coated as well. THERE IS NO NEED TO VIOLENTLY SHAKE because this is when accidents happen and we all get sad. Stay happy with this simple guide :)

Cleaning Your Bong Avoid accidents with Master Minded products
Step 7

Same with your accessory containers – keep it gentle. Just slight agitation of the cleaning fluid should be enough to break up even the toughest stains with these time-tested products.

Step 8

Leave your salt and rice in the pantry for when you get the munchies later. There is no need for harsh abrasives that can scratch or otherwise damage your glass, clog your percs, or worse.

Step 9

Carefully remove your Resolution Cleaning Caps and slowly pour the used, darkened cleaning fluid out of the joint of your bong. Many people reuse/recycle the fluid for multiple uses which is another added benefit to these non-toxic alternatives. Repeat the water rinse technique starting lukewarm to avoid temperature shock and damage to the glass. Increase the temperature to as hot as you can safely handle. Allow the fresh clean water to flow down the mouthpiece, flushing out everything below.

Step 10

One by one, repeat the warm-to-hot water rinse with each individual glass piece and accessory needed to reassemble your glass bong or dab rig for its next use.

Step 11

This step is so often overlooked and therefore can lead to headaches down the road. Always let every piece and part dry completely before reassembling your bong. The seal created between two damp or wet glass-on-glass fittings can be as strong as superglue. Moisture can fuse downstems to bongs and/or bowls to downstems or joints and become impossible to separate. Be patient, your clean glass is almost ready to get dirty again!

Step 12 – Ideally you will store your clean glass bong or dab rig totally empty and dry. If you really want to do the right thing, all accessories and parts should be stored disassembled to avoid gradual stickage.

That’s really all there is to it!

As you can see, prevention is your best bet. But for those of us who tend to forget or avoid the daily bong cleaning, luckily industry favorite brands like Formula 420 and Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner have our back. They have turned a once dreaded task into basic routine maintenance.

To add these best-selling brands and products to your smoke shop shelves, contact us at to add them to your next wholesale order. Call today and we’ll ship it today. You’ll sell it fast and we’ll ship you some more!

Keep it clean and keep your customers coming back for more with top shelf glass cleaning gear from Master Minded Distribution.

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