High Tech Cannabis Products Welcome High End Users

As more and more of our society turns to technology and automation to improve quality of life, it should come as no surprise that the same concepts are trending in the cannabis culture and lifestyle as well.

There are some tasks that may always be best done with a human touch. But for the more mundane and repetitive chores associated with smoking cannabis or dabbing concentrates and extracts, today’s tech-savvy tokers are stoked to try out the latest and greatest from brands they know and trust… even if it costs a few more bucks.


One of the best examples of this is with a product called the OTTO™ from a company by the name of Banana Bros.

The OTTO™ is an all-in-one automated motorized herb grinder and joint filler. Yes, you read that right. Just load a couple of top-shelf cannabis buds into this innovative new product and with the press of a button it will automatically grind the cannabis within. It then filters that finely ground material down into a pre-rolled cone of rolling paper. The result is a perfect baseball bat style joint every time!

The OTTO Herb Grinder & Joint Filler The OTTO

It is so easy to use. The Smart technology in the grinder itself chews through the stickiest ickiest nugs you can toss at it as the motor reverses itself when it encounters too much resistance. This provides the perfect mill and fill every time you want a smooth smoke.

The $129.99 retail price is really a great deal when you realize how effective the grinder is and how perfect each cone is once complete. This is evidenced by the fact that the product continues to be a best seller in smoke shops and head shops worldwide. The company continues to rise in popularity for providing a reliable product that does what it says it will do.


For many of the people who prefer to get their terps by way of hash oil or cannabis concentrates and extracts, the process of taking a dab these days can be a multistep ritual that is too inconvenient or even confusing. With torches and timers and carb caps and Q-Tips, the whole thing is just too intimidating for a significant amount of cannabis users.

Two companies that have always recognized that need to serve the sector of the cannabis community that doesn’t want to blaze cannabis flower, but doesn’t want to invest the time or money into a full-blown dabbing station, are Dr. Dabber and PuffCo.

Both are known for their cutting-edge vaporizing products and both stand head and shoulders above the masses of cheaply produced, unreliable alternatives that have flooded the market in recent years.

Aside from their best-selling and award-winning handheld vape pens, both Dr. Dabber and PuffCo have stepped up their vape game and now offer fully integrated portable, rechargeable, electronic dabbing devices that have replaced the rig, torch, nail, and timer that have traditionally made up the average dab kit.


The Dr. Dabber Switch led the way with their built-in ceramic heating surface (they also offer a crystal option for you terp hunters). This allows users to apply their chosen extract or concentrate onto a warm domeless nail much like when doing an actual dab the “old fashioned way”.

Dr. Dabber Switch Dr. Dabber Switch

With 25 battery-powered variable temperature settings and 150+ uses off of each charge, the Dr. Dabber Switch revolutionized the way people dabbed and made the entire experience more mobile.

Even with a suggested retail price of $399.99, the Switch is still worth every penny.


What came next is perhaps the most sought-after product of 2018 – the PuffCo Peak.

PuffCo Peak PuffCo Peak

This simple looking device is actually a feat of modern ingenuity and has taken the cannabis industry to all new heights. It has a quick charge time and an even quicker heat up time. With four adjustable heat settings, you’ll be savoring the flavor and effects of your favorite concentrates faster than ever before.

The haptic feedback in the Peak’s discreet light band gives the user critical information regarding heat levels and battery life when needed. Then it virtually vanishes when it’s not in use.

The removable ceramic nail and the hand-blown glass water filtration attachment give a nice scientific look to a truly scientific piece of dab tech.

Bottom line, the thing works. It is the closest you will come to a perfect dab from a traditional quartz banger.  But the Peak delivers that high-quality experience consistently without the torches, timers, and guessing games. At home, or on the go!

If you can find one in stock at your favorite head shop or smoke shop, you’ll be looking at anywhere between $380-400 for your own PuffCo Peak. The price is steep, but the view from the top of the vape game is so, so worth it!


The cannabis industry is projected to absolutely boom over the next decade. As a result, some brilliant minds are making their way into the field looking to apply their skills to come up with the next big thing.

That growth will be fueled by millions of new cannabis users who want to have the best possible experience but aren’t yet armed with the know-how.

Any and all new products that simplify the process, without sacrificing the experience, will continue to drive the market and remain in high demand.

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