Elevate Grinders: Modernizing Your Smoke Shop Staples

Elevate Grinders: Modernizing Your Smoke Shop Staples

Here at Master Minded Distribution we're always looking for brands that will take your shop to the next level and cater to every customer that walks in your door.  Elevate Essentials is such a brand - high quality smoke shop products with better than keystone margins for you, and quite the value for your shop!

We know their premier line of grinders will catch your eye; learn more about Elevate Grinders below and call us and ask how you can get a free sample! // 855.790.9999 X2

Both sizes feature:

  • Unique Locking Chamber; Just a Quarter Turn to Open
  • Remove-able Screen
  • Contoured Pollen Chamber
  • Easy Grip Surface
  • Aerospace Medical Grade Aluminum
  • Radial Cut Blades for a Fluffy Grind
  • Premium Rare Earth Magnets for Excellent Closure

Each of the five colors

  • Charcoal Grey
  • Plum Purple
  • Jet Black
  • Royal Blue
  • Leaf Green

Come in two sizes, a 2.4" at $40 Retail and a 2.2" at $30 Retail - These make a great recommendation to your customers who are concerned about price AND quality.  Let's face it; these days, who isn't?

Looking to expand on your grinder collection? Call the Master Minded Sales Team and jump on this exclusive opportunity! // 855.790.9999 X2

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