Glass Protection

Glass Protection

Master Minded is the exclusive wholesale distributor for the T Case, and they are moving fast! We heard your call for more affordable and stylish options for carrying, transporting, and protecting your fine glassware. There is no longer a need to deal with a product or company who does not cater to your needs, the T Case is in stock at Master Minded in many useful sizes and lots of awesome new colors

These lightweight hard cases are crush-proof, airtight, and completely submergible/waterproof. Each model comes with pluck out foam for full customization, ensuring a snug fit, no matter what valuables you put in your new T Case.

The pluck out foam insert is an accessory item for the T Case & other storage cases, and can be purchased separately as well. Utilizing additional foam inserts allows you to customize the layout for a variety of interchangeable storage possibilities.

Offered as an add-on, T Cases help sell high end glass, and when put on display in your store, they are sure to sell quickly.

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The T Case- Sublime 12"

Starting at: $80.00

The T Case- 12"

Starting at: $40.00

The T Case- 16"

Starting at: $60.00

Single Pluck Out Foam Insert

Starting at: $10.00

The T Case- 9"+

Starting at: $81.00

The T Case- Sublime 16"

Starting at: $120.00

The T Case 7"

Starting at: $36.00

The T Case- 22"

Starting at: $198.00

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