The easiest of all of our current promotions, the Loyalty Points program kicks into effect on every $1000+ order you place with Master Minded Distribution.

That’s right! Your first $1000 you spend with us will earn you 10 Loyalty Points *plus* we will give you 5 more Loyalty Points for every $500 you spend after that.

Loyalty Points are stored in your Wholesale Account with us, and can be viewed anytime by logging into your account on our website.


Loyalty Points can be “cashed in” in increments of

10 Points for $7 off

25 Points for $20 off and

50 Points for the maximum value of $50 off!

Essentially we have provided you with the opportunity to earn up to 1% back on every single order you place with us. It adds up fast!


Loyalty Points with Master Minded Distribution

If you are the competitive type, or just have a love for numbers, you will probably learn quickly that orders of $1,485.00 should have another $15 item added on prior to checkout to get the extra 5 Loyalty Points.

Savvy smoke shop and head shop buyers across the country are already taking advantage of this “always-on” facet of our ongoing customer appreciation efforts.

They are cashing in Loyalty Points each month to cover shipping, add on a few extra products, or even banking several hundred at a time to pay for an entire order!

However you choose to spend your Loyalty Points with us, we love to see them coming back our way, since we know that you have earned them.