Formula 420

Formula 420

Formula 420 Glass Cleaning Products

We are distributors and wholesalers of the Formula 420 product line. Products include Formula 420, Formula 710, Bling, Cheech & Chong and Smog Out Odor Neutralizer! The first on the market and still #1, the entire line of Formula 420 & Formula 710 products has long been a smokeshop favorite best-selling brand. Patented 1-minute no scrubbing cleaning action for all of your customers’ glass, ceramic, metal, and more! With abrasive or non-abrasive action, 100% all-natural “green” options, and varied labeling to fit any marketing scheme, you need to be carrying the world’s best, most popular, most affordable cleaning products from Formula 420 and Formula 710. Different sizes available - from mini 2oz bottles sold in a convenient and eye-catching point of purchase display, to larger 16oz concentrated options for daily use. A regularly consumable product that works every time means happy, repeat customers. Help them keep it clean with Formula 420!

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Formula 710: Instant 12 oz, 24/Case


Special Price $290.00

Formula 710: Advanced 16 oz, 20/Case


Special Price $250.00

Formula 420: All Natural 16 oz, 20/Case


Special Price $250.00

Formula 420: Smog Out 4 oz, 24/Case
MSRP: $235.00
Formula 420: Original 12 oz, 24/Case


Special Price $175.00

Cheech & Chong Acrylic 12 oz


Special Price $150.00

Formula 420: Original 4 oz, 24/Case


Special Price $135.00

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