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  • 7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Customers

    7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Customers

    Happy Holiday season from the Master Minded Wholesale Team!
    While your customers are busy shopping for their loved ones and friends, make sure you're stocking the gifts they really want to be giving, no matter their budget!  Check out all the best in smoke shop gifts from Master Minded Distribution, and call us today to take advantage of our special holiday deals!  You can always reach us at 855.790.9999 X2.

    1. Be Lit Solid Crystal Pipes







    No matter where your customers' interests lie, they won't be able to resist these beautiful, totally unique gifts!  All Be Lit Brand solid crystal and gemstone pipes are affordably priced (especially when you take advantage of our 4 and 8/pack savings!) for both you AND your smoke shop customers.

    2.  SLX Grinders

    This Christmas, your customers won't just want any grinder, they'll want the best grinder!  With exceptional strength, perfect balance, and unparalleled durability, SLX grinders will last a lifetime and then some. SLX Grinders are coated inside and out with our proprietary non-stick ceramic. Every lip, every tooth - even the pollen chamber. It never sticks, and it doesn’t need cleaning. Their coating is bonded with the aluminum at the molecular level, ensuring durability, is 100% non-toxic, FDA approved, and will not burn or release any harmful chemicals.

    3. Resolution Cleaning Caps

    ResÖlution Caps are the stocking stuffer you've been looking for!  You can use them to shake vigorously when cleaning your favorite glass; no mess and no spill. ResÖlution ResCaps are also great for storing and traveling with your glass pieces.  ResÖlution has not only created a revolutionary way to keep glass of all sizes clean but also has a innovative bumper technology to save your glass for those small, but potentially costly, knockover breakages.  This 30 unit bundle comes with a high quality POP-wire rack display to showcase this affordable and highly effective new product AND includes 3 hot colors: Black, White, Green (10 of each color).

    4. SHINE Rolling Papers

    Shine has recently become a household name, and for good reason!  Their high end products still maintain an affordable price point - so your customers can say "I love you" and make the maximum impression without breaking the bank!  Get all of their fan favorites (especially their single king size pre-roll) at Master Minded Distribution; your customers will thank you!

    5. Source Vapes Series 4 Orb

    Source continues to be our best selling vape line for a good reason - and their high quality products will continue to be a customer favorite.  Our best selling attachment from their new series 4 line is without a doubt the Orb 4 attachment:  They've reimaged the patent-pending SOURCE orb 4 for easier and quicker loading, using the safest and healthiest material ever used in a vaporizer pen, Stainless Steel 303, on both the body and the atomizers.

    6. Silicone Pipes & Accessories

    Silicone has taken the smoke shop industry by storm; lightweight, affordable and basically indestructible!   While there will always be a demand for glass, we've seen the demand for silicone options grow hand over foot and we want you to get ahead of this holiday trend!

    7.  Be Lit Rolling Trays

    Do your customers look for gifts that are beautiful, affordable AND practical?  If you haven't already picked some up, you need to consider Be Lit Brand rolling trays and ashtrays for your smoke shop - buy a la carte or save big with our pack bundles, but either way you'll be making better than keystone on this hot seller!

    Want to pick up our Holiday Best sellers before Black Friday?  Give us a call today!
    855.790.9999 X2

  • Elevate Grinders: Modernizing Your Smoke Shop Staples

    Elevate Grinders: Modernizing Your Smoke Shop Staples

    Here at Master Minded Distribution we're always looking for brands that will take your shop to the next level and cater to every customer that walks in your door.  Elevate Essentials is such a brand - high quality smoke shop products with better than keystone margins for you, and quite the value for your shop!

    We know their premier line of grinders will catch your eye; learn more about Elevate Grinders below and call us and ask how you can get a free sample! // 855.790.9999 X2

    Both sizes feature:

    • Unique Locking Chamber; Just a Quarter Turn to Open
    • Remove-able Screen
    • Contoured Pollen Chamber
    • Easy Grip Surface
    • Aerospace Medical Grade Aluminum
    • Radial Cut Blades for a Fluffy Grind
    • Premium Rare Earth Magnets for Excellent Closure

    Each of the five colors

    • Charcoal Grey
    • Plum Purple
    • Jet Black
    • Royal Blue
    • Leaf Green

    Come in two sizes, a 2.4" at $40 Retail and a 2.2" at $30 Retail - These make a great recommendation to your customers who are concerned about price AND quality.  Let's face it; these days, who isn't?

    Looking to expand on your grinder collection? Call the Master Minded Sales Team and jump on this exclusive opportunity! // 855.790.9999 X2

  • SLX: The Incredible Nonstick Grinder

    SLX: The Incredible Nonstick Grinder

    Smoke shop owners, if you haven't heard of SLX you AND your customers are missing out.  They are quietly taking the grinder game by storm - with their sleek aesthetic and unique approach to their customers' needs.  They've developed their proprietary coating for one reason: To defeat stuck grinders once and for all.

    Their coating is super low friction, so a SLX turns just as easily in 6 months as it did the day you got it. It repels even the stickiest resin buildup, keeping your grinder looking and spinning like new no matter how hard you punish it. Never sticks, never needs cleaning. What more could you want?

    What is Their Coating Made From?

    Our coating is a proprietary ceramic, developed from components used to reduce friction on industrial blades and cutting tools. It will never chip, flake, or burn. That wouldn't be cool, would it?The exceptional non-stick capabilities come from a ceramic compound - not PTFE, Teflon, or any other carcinogenic chemicals. Bonded at the molecular level with the aluminum our grinders are machined from, it's as strong as steel and slick as grease.Our coating contains zero Teflon or PTFE.It’s completely inert, and 100% FDA certified for food contact.


    Non-Stick Ceramic Coating SLX Version 2.0 is coated inside and out with their proprietary non-stick ceramic. Every lip, every tooth - even the pollen chamber. It never sticks, and it doesn’t need cleaning. Their coating is bonded with the aluminum at the molecular level, ensuring durability, is 100% non-toxic, FDA approved, and will not burn or release any harmful chemicals.

    ZERO Teflon® or PTFE Teflon® (PTFE) fumes are so toxic when inhaled that Dupont® had to ban its use in the tobacco industry. Even if they could use PTFE, they wouldn't - PTFE coatings are plastic based and not durable enough for serious use. You and your customers deserve the best when you buy a SLX herb grinder, and Teflon® doesn’t cut it.

    Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Machined out of 7075 T6 aluminum to prevent cross-threading, bent and broken teeth, or other damage. Most grinders are made from weaker 6 series aluminum. 7 series is more expensive to machine, but it ensures your SLX herb grinder will last a lifetime.

    Premium Screens SLX herb grinders feature drum tight stainless steel screens with a fine micron size - ensuring only pollen gets filtered, not pieces of herb. Perfect for pressing. And they lift out without threads!


    Rare Earth Magnets Neodymium magnets ensure your SLX doesn’t pop open unexpectedly; keeping your herbs, moisture, and scent safely inside.
    Uniquely Shaped Teeth Trapezoids with 4 sharp cutting edges that provide a fluffy, consistent grind. They’re also thick - so they won’t break or bend.
    2 Sizes Available in both 2 inch (50.8mm) pocket-size and 2.5 inch (62mm) home-size. But both are 20% shorter than standard models due to our unique screen stage, so either size is easy to slip into your pocket or purse.

    Just 1 Set of Threads
     Their screen stage slips out without threads - so your pollen isn’t upended every time you empty your ground herbs.

    The SLX Promise They put their URL on the bottom of every grinder for a reason. Rest easy knowing your customers are going to be taken care of.

  • How to Get a Distributor to Sell Your Products

    How to Get a Distributor to List Your Brand

    Here at Master Minded Distribution, we get countless inquiries about the opportunity to have a product or brand distributed through us, to our network of smoke shops and dispensaries.  So, you have a great product, one you're proud of, or a full line of products – you are wanting to expand your opportunities by acquiring a distributor or two? We are here to give you invaluable advice, on how to catch the attention of a quality distributor.

    What You Need To Know

    Distributors, especially the big ones, can be hard to get your brand into. Distributors field hundreds of solicitations on a regular basis, persistent follow-up can sometimes do more harm than good. Beyond just the brand value, product demand, capital requirement & profit margins to consider, distributors purchasing decisions are heavily effected by their purchasing schedule, budgeting, warehouse space & more. Distributors & even larger retailers, typically do all their new product buying just a few times a year.

    It is a purchasing managers job to pick the absolute best opportunities & investments for their company. It’s your job to figure out how to be in the top 3% of the inquires they receive; and that’s not easy! The better you know your product, your competitor’s products, the overall market you sell in & what differentiates you; the better you can compete. In the end, no matter how great your product, brand, team & potential, if the numbers aren't lucrative for the distributor & their customers, you won’t stand a chance. Make sure you are presenting a strong win-win-win situation, meaning a win for you, them & their customers!

    What’s the Benefit of Having a Distributor?

    A good distributor can be the catalyst of success & a bad one, or too many distributors can put you out of business. Many wise advisors believe that to be truly the best at something, you have to be focused on that one something. A lot of small business startups fail by having a short-sided business model, one that includes juggling the innovation, R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, branding, customer service, human resources, retail sales, wholesale sales, distributor sales, warehousing & fulfillment. Add to that the financial management & wow, no wonder 98% of startups fail! If you really want your company to grow, you have to have a talented team & a distinct plan. If you don’t have a team in place or the budget for one, you likely need an established distributor on your team. A strong and successful supply chain is one where manufactures manufacture, distributors distribute & retailers retail. Attempting to do everything will leaving you falling short somewhere & could be detrimental to the brand.

    Each distributor relationship is unique & negotiable. There are exclusive & non-exclusive distributor contracts, each having its own benefits. You can definitely expect a lot more dedication & effort from an exclusive distributor. All distributors, whether exclusive or non, typically handles wholesale sales, warehousing & fulfillment. Often times, exclusive contracts with established distributors, can add value in the form of marketing, branding, customer service & more. The terms of any deal are something that should be clearly defined at the onset of the relationship. Be sure to voice your needs and concerns to ensure everyone is happy & secure with the terms. A distributor can be the perfect partnership you need to realize your potential, by allowing you to focus on the development & growth of your brand.

    Finding the Right Distributor

    Like so many things in life, finding a Distributor is about "fit" - it can be an exceptionally lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship, that can accelerate the growth of your brand and the demand for your product in the market place.  To be successful, you have to do your research and find a reputable distributor who shares your vision and your goals! Do your research on how long they have been in business? Who is behind the leadership? What is their reputation like? Do they have long standing manufacture relationships? Do they price their products according to MMAP?

    Get online, really dig into their website and their catalog.  Assess their strong suits and find out what they value in products, then be ready to highlight how your product is an excellent fit. You’re looking for a distributor whose catalog makes sense for your product & who ideally needs you as much as you need them. If you need them more than they need you, revisit your business model and figure out how to offer more value to a distributor relationship, starting with margins.

    What a Distributor Wants, What a Distributor Needs

    The more you understand about the complex & demanding business that is distribution, the better you can attract one. When a distributor adds you to their catalog, they are, in the truest sense of the word, investing in you and your brand. To them, you are simply an investment opportunity; you aren’t just selling them a product. They have a lot to consider when analyzing a potential investment & you have a lot of competition. Here's what you need to know, and what you need to plan for, to be attractive to a wholesale distributor. At the end of the day, the more lucrative & prosperous an opportunity you present to a distributor, the more likely you are to cash in on your potential.

     Understand Their Business Model

    A distributors job functions are far different from a manufacture & the better you understand how, the better your chances of working with one. A distributor is looking to serve the trending demand of their customers, driven by the end consumer; in a market that is ever changing & growing. Good ‘ole supply & demand is at the core of their decision making. They are often scouring the market for products that end users are asking for specifically. If they are a really good distributor, they might know about your product already! Also, don’t be surprised or upset if your distributor carries competing products, that’s their job! Stay focused on being your best & making sure your product is competitive.

    A distributor needs to move significant volume to make any real money. As you might know, they operate on rather small margins with rather high overhead, especially a full-service distributor. Not only does your product need to be attractive as far as its demand, but you must prepare to price it in order to pay your distributors and retailers fairly. They are essentially your sales team & without them, you won’t survive. Be sure when pricing your products out, to account for reasonable & attractive margins for both wholesalers and retailers. You can trust that, the more you pay them, the more they will sell for you.

     Questions Purchasing Managers Ask Themselves When They Consider New Brands

    • Is your product type in high demand? Trending up or trending down?
    • Does your brand name hold value in the current market?
    • Is the competition for your products saturated or not?
    • Do you have the potential for high volume sales?
    • Can I myself, my competition or my customers, buy this exact product somewhere for less?
    • Is your brand supported by a marketing budget to drive your growth?
    • How much space & capital is required to pursue this investment?
    • How many distributors are you supplying & whom?
    • Do the potential annual sales justify the initial investment?
    • Does the manufacture offer professional quality customer service?
    • Does the manufacture enforce MMAP Policies?
    • Does the Manufacturer offer a reasonable return policy?
    • Does the company have a business plan & a solid team?
    • Is the product packaging modern, safe & attractively branded?

     Provide the Right Information to Help Them Make Decisions

    Remember that they often have to make a decision without meeting you in person!  It’s the opportunity, the numbers & the product that will sell them. Send them ALL pricing, including their distributor cost, the wholesale cost & the MSRP. Tell them about your company and why you have a profitable opportunity for them. Tell them honestly, how many distributors & stores you currently supply. Share your realistic goals & your plan of execution. Send them samples they can have in hand - would you invest in a company without examining the product & packaging yourself?  Try to give them enough information to answer all the questions listed above & don’t forget to ask them some questions to help you better understand their needs.

     Common Pitfalls to Avoid

     Selling Direct for Less:  If you think a good distributor won't find out that your selling direct for less, you're wrong!  They've invested time, space and money to carry your brand, so respect their investment and support them like you would your very own sales team!

    Webstore Blowouts:  Everyone loves a good sale, especially the B2C customer - but extending heavily discounted sales for months on end, simply de-values your product in the long run & kills your distributors existing investment.

    Being Less Than Professional: You want to play ball with the big boys? You better be sure you know the rules of the game. A distributor expects you to have the fundamentals of business down, including invoicing, accurate order fulfillment, shipping & customer service. Treat them like your best customer, because they are.

    The Stalker:  Being persistent is a good quality.  Being a stalker, or over-soliciting, is a bad thing.  Several calls or emails per day?  Demanding to speak to the owner?  DM’ing the owner’s personal social media? Showing up at the front door unannounced?  Not taking ‘No’ for answer? These things will never make a promising start to any business relationship.

    Jealousy:  Your product and your brand are your whole life - your distributor knows that!  But to re-iterate, they are running their own business and they know that having a variety of options for their B2B customers is often best for everyone involved.  If they pick up a new brand that you have "feelings" about it, remind yourself that this is business and nothing is personal.

    Final Verdict

    Your distributor can add immeasurable value to your brand and they can often be your #1 customer - find one you can have a good working relationship, do your best to understand that their business needs and don't ever take their support for granted!

    Want to get Distributed with Master Minded?
    Fill out our application for Brand Distribution HERE!

  • Summer Lovin' | The Best New Products from Be Lit Brand

    Summer Lovin'

    The Best New Products from Be Lit Brand at The Best Wholesale Prices

    You Spoke & We Listened!  Tanks, Bamboo Rolling Trays and Some Super Fresh Candles from Be Lit Brand are finally available at Master Minded Distribution.  Take a look at these sure-fire best sellers that are guaranteed to freshen up your shelves and make your customers take notice!


    \\ The Crystal Candle Collection
    \\  Crystal Pendant Inside Every Candle!

    Are your customers looking for fresh, unique scents to keep them LIT all summer?  You have to try one of their intoxicating Crystal Candles - Made in the USA with premium essential oil fragrances, these candles have a not-so-secret surprise.  Each and every candle comes with a one-of-a-kind Gemstone or Crystal Pendant inside!
    Your customers get the value of an extra product and you get better than keystone margins - We just love it when everyone wins.

    + Heliotrop
    + Cedar & Sage
    + Eucalyptus & Mint
    + Bergamot & Lime

    +          +            +           +            +


    \\ Racerbacks & Tanks & Crops \\ Oh My

    With summer here the Be Lit Brand crew definitely heard your cries for some cooler gear!  Introducing their line of body-friendly tank tops, crop tops & racerbacks.

    Whether your customers are going to yoga, chilling by the pool or just hanging out in their favorite smoke spot, we know there's a tank top just for them!  Check out their fun designs like ** Namaste Lit ** Wake Bake & Meditate ** Just Be Lit ** and more, sure to grab the attention of an ever-growing female population of customers!

    +         +         +         +        +


    \\ Bamboo FTW \\ Eco-Friendly & Easy on the Eyes

    Why Bamboo you might ask? Many people relate bamboo with China, but the fact is that it grows all over the world and can tolerate many different climates. This unique plant is way more than just panda food!  Bamboo is eco-friendly for a number of reasons, and makes a great material for a durable product; first of all, if you cut a bamboo, it will will grow 10 times faster than a regular tree. Secondly, it requires less water and no pesticides for its growth and maturation. Finally, any product that is made of bamboo will eventually decompose into a nutrient rich soil, meaning that its remains are extremely valuable to the Earth.

    So grab a tray, roll up and get LIT with one of the strongest, naturally water resistant materials on Earth!


    Want To Get Be Lit Brand Best-Sellers in Your Store?

    Give the Master Minded Sales Team a call at: {855.790.9999 EXT2}
    Or visit us on the web at {{}}
    to see our full catalog of excited wholesale smoke shop products!

  • Counting Cash with Empire Rolling Papers

    Counting Cash with Empire Rolling Papers

    Smoke Shop Owners, you count on us to keep you in the know - and you need to know about Empire Rolling Papers.

    With the stigma of smoking quickly fading out, the market is trending towards putting it on blast.  Oh you smoke with papers?  I smoke with hundred dollar bills.  And that's Empire Rolling's cue to enter the scene.

    The Benny Box

    Here are the stats on the Benny Box, the nice little POP display and unit of sale (on the wholesale level)

    • 24 Packs (240 Papers) of Ultra Luxurious Empire $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Benny's™
    • Each Note is "Empire Size" 4.2 Inches Long
    • Does not contain tobacco or nicotine
    • Lick to Seal Organic Proprietary Sugar Glue
    • The World's Most Luxurious Rolling Papers
    • Luxury Papers Wallet To Store Your Papers
    • Ultra Limited Quantities.

    They're described as being perfect for events, celebrations or just another day, and are guaranteed to be the most high quality luxury rolling paper experience.

    Empire Rolling X Rick Ross

    On 4/20 of this year, the boss himself announced his new partnership with Empire Rolling. The announcement came on Instagram, where Ross showered his new partner with high praise, stating "I only partner with high quality products I personally use." That's a big endorsement from the iconic Ross, who is not only a music icon, but a well known smoker.

    Betta Have My Money

    Smoke Shop Owners, we know staying current and on top of your customers needs is the key to making cash!  We see this sleek, consumer minded brand as the perfect addition to your summer stock, sure to please fans of both Rick himself and the fast paced energy behind the direction of the cannabis movement.  The built in POP make display and storage as easy as it would be with any other rolling paper, but with a fair ticket price and trending demand.

    Want to Get the Benny Box from Empire Rolling Papers in Your Store?

    Give the Master Minded Sales Team a call at: {855.790.9999 EXT2}
    Or visit us on the web at {{}}
    to see our full catalog of excited wholesale smoke shop products!

  • Accessories for the Everyman | Today's Hottest Products at the Best Price

    Accessories for the Everyman | Today's Hottest Products at the Best Price

    Master Minded Distribution is always bringing you the cutting edge of Smoke Shop wholesale products, and today's accessories are no exception!

    We know your customers are hard to please, so it will please you to learn that our re-invigorated collection of glass accessories is not only what's in demand, it's the absolute top tier of quality you've come to expect from our wholesale company.

    Quartz Bangers have absolutely taken over this past year in the smoke shop world.  We know that's not news to you!

    We love these sets of bangers and carb caps from OptiFlavor Technologies - available in 14mm or 10mm, Male or Female & 45 Deg or 90 Deg, this brand is built to give you great options without breaking your budget & each set comes in a fantastic little retail display.






    Want to get back to the basics at the absolute best price point?  In 14m and 18m Male and Female, these quality imports will hit your customers sweet spot, and you'll love the margins.

    Customers looking for what's trending and new?  We can't recommend our selection of thermal bangers highly enough.  If you haven't seen them yet, you will soon; the interior bucket isolates the oil dropped in to prevent spillage down the neck of the banger.  Slightly more expensive, but we and hopefully your customers will agree, well worth the price.

    Pair it with a thermal bubble carb cap & you have a sweet deal!

    More from the cutting edge, we have Diamond Knot bangers, available in either a drop style, like a traditional quartz banger, or as a straight "nut" banger, offering up a few more options than a traditional banger!

    Our accessories department wouldn't be complete without Joint Bubblers!  The newest trend sweeping the internet is now coming to Master Minded Distribution - simply insert joint or blunt and enjoy the filtrating effects of a little bit of water.

    While we wouldn't (couldn't really) call them accessories, mini toys and games have always been a smoke shop staple and Fidget Cubes and Fidget Spinners are no exception!  Get a killer selection of the best colors and styles with our 18/Pack and save big when you buy multiple packs to keep up with the trending demand!

    See a glass accessory that would be a hit in your shop?
    Give the Master Minded Sales Team a call at: {855.790.9999 EXT2}
    Or visit us on the web at {{}}
    to see our full catalog of excited wholesale smoke shop products!

  • Unroll with OCB Rolling Papers

    Unroll with OCB

    Wondering, what's the difference between different types of OCB Rolling Papers?  What can I recommend to my customers?

    The Master Minded Team has the breakdown for you!  We now carry the full line of OCB's most popular rolling papers, and we know just what you and your customers are looking for.

    The Premium Line

    The Premium line of OCB rolling papers dates back to 1999. Also known as “OCB Blacks,” Premium papers come in black booklets with silver hologram logos on the front of the packs. The sheets are thin, chlorine-free, and designed with watermarking to provide a slow and gradual burn. 

    These papers are made from flax plant fibers and are so thin that you can practically see through them. Premium papers burn evenly and leave minimal ash.

    The Organic Hemp Line

    Organic Hemp papers are very thin and burn slowly, thanks to their watermark. This particular collection is best known for being natural and unbleached. They are free of chlorine, so you do not get an off-putting chemical taste with your joint that can detract from the flavor of the product itself. Instead, the papers are made of a flax and hemp mixture that provides a clean smoke. Plus, no trees have been cut to create the papers, which is great from an eco-friendly standpoint.

    Even the booklets are created with the environment in mind; they are made of recycled cardboard and vegetable inks are used for the writing on the packs. The OCB Organic Hemp papers are unrefined too; the exact shade of the brown papers varies according to the leaves used in the specific harvest they came from.

    The XPert Line

    For cannabis connoisseurs, OCB’s Xpert collection may be the perfect go-to rolling paper. Xpert is made to be top quality, lightweight, and ultra-thin.

    If a slender roll is your preference, Xpert King Slim is a good choice as it is 4mm slimmer than the typical King Size. This size feels great in hand and can still fit a fair amount of cannabis within the thin paper. As with the other types of OCB paper, Xpert is low combustion.

    The Solaire

    Made in France using flax plant fibers and 100% natural Arabic Gum, transparent OCB Solaire papers allow you to experience the true taste of your smoke. They are far beyond lightweight and ultra-thin.

    Ready to Add OCB to Your Shelves?

    The Master Minded Distribution Team is always available by email or by phone to answer your questions and help you find what's best for your shop!
    855.790.9999 X2

  • Lit Spring: New Smoke Shop Products from Be Lit Brand

    Lit Spring: New Smoke Shop Products from Be Lit Brand

    Anyone paying attention to the summer festival scene knows that crystals are so in right now

    Smoke shop buyers and owners, now you have the opportunity to really wow your customers with products that will make their jaws drop to the floor!  Master Minded Distribution is proud to now carry the full line of Be Lit Brand solid Crystal and Gemstone pipes as well as their brand new Crystal Candle Collection!

    be lit crystal pipes

    Take a look at the Crystal 8/Pack for example:  You can save 20% over buying them individually, although we happily offer them a la carte if there's a style your customers love!

    2x Transparent Crystal Pipes
    2x Transparent Amethyst Pipes
    2x Transparent Fluorite Pipes
    2x Transparent Green Fluorite Pipes

    Natural stone needs love too!  Inspire all ages and demographics of customers with these completely unique and one-of-a-kind pipes.

    We've found that part of what makes them special IS their unique cuts.  No two pipes look alike, and you can enjoy watching your customer carefully mull over the best fit.

    Be Lit Brand is also offering a full line up of special crystal and gemstone pendants.  A 20/pack from Master Minded Distribution is affordable, and a great upsell to your existing customers!  Again each stone is completely unique, and your customers will love the variety.

    Just this week, Be Lit Brand announced the arrival of their Crystal Collection Candles; A soy blend candle collection made with premium essential oil fragrances!

    +  Heliotrope
    +  Bergamot & Lime
    +  Cedar & Sage
    +  Eucalyptus & Mint

    What's the kicker here?  Each candle contains a single crystal or gemstone pendant!  Be Lit Brand is doing what they do best - creating products geared towards the demands of today's Smoke shop market!

    Want to add Be Lit Brand's Crystal & Gemstone products to your shop?

    Good News!  Master Minded Distribution is proud to be their exclusive wholesale distributor!

    Call Us --> 855.790.9999 X2
    Email Us -->
    Visit Us Online -->

  • Heavy Weighs the Head: Renegade Glass' Line of 9mm Pipes

    Heavy Weighs the Head: Renegade Glass' Line of 9mm Pipes

    Ever wondered  what a difference thicker glass could make?  Smoke Shops, we want to introduce you to Renegade Glass and their line of affordable, American made, 9mm Pipes!

    When buying glass, customers consider so many factors; Name Brand, price, general aesthetic appeal.  Oddly, one of the most important factors to the longevity and overall function of a piece, particularly a daily driver type flower piece, is glass thickness and quality. Let's delve into quality first, and what your customers are looking for...

    Glass Quality

    The higher quality of glass a pipe is made from, given the glass is produced with a certain level of skill, the better the build and the better looking the glass will be.  This isn't just for aesthetics, this is extremely significant to a break-resistant build.  Glass quality is primarily determined by the exact property and type of glass and the skill level of the glass blower. Most brand name pieces above a certain price point, and also those made in the USA, will generally be made of high quality borosilicate glass; This glass is used in the production of lab equipment, and goes through a certain firing process which adds to the overall strength of the piece.  Your customers may be tempted to save $10-$20 on an import piece (or, let's face it, sometimes a lot more) but they are missing out on the durability of true borosilicate glass, crafted and fired properly.  There are many factors which can help you and your customers determine glass quality - and a Chinese pipe is easily spotted at the lower price point.  American made, quality glass will have;

    + Minimal bubbles under the surface
    + A uniform appearance to sister pieces
    + A well formed and well-molded joint - Anywhere where two pieces of glass where connected should be seamless and almost invisible.

    Glass Thickness

    Glass thickness plays a huge part in the durability of a piece.  Beyond having a quality glass blower properly using the right materials, it's the other primary factor in longevity of a glass piece.

    Most importantly, these principals reflect the popularity of 9mm pipes.  9mm Glass here refers to the millimeter thickness of the glass itself, and one would think that this applies to the thickness of the entire tube.  An American glassblower will utilize extra tubing (at additional cost) to extend the 9mm thickness around the base of a beaker - meaning that every inch of that beaker bottom has 9mm tubing.  A Chinese product pipe will over-extend that tubing until the thickness drops down under 7mm at the weakest, most blown out corners of the base of the pipe, leaving the area most vulnerable to breaking significantly less thick than the tubing above.

    Finding Brands You & Your Customers Trust

    Here at Master Minded Distribution, we know that vending glass is at the beating heart of the Smoke Shop Industry - Best sellers are always going to be sturdy, affordable daily drivers for your mainline customers.  It's important to teach them about the difference a quality piece can make to their collection, however small, and to encourage them to start shopping American!  We love Renegade Glass, and we proudly carry their full line of 9mm pipes because they reflect the qualities of a well-sourced, well-made American Glass brand that will earn your customers' trust and leave them with a smile on their faces.

    Want to See Renegade Glass on Your Shelves?

    Master Minded Distribution is proud to be the exclusive wholesale distributor for Renegade Glass' full line of products!  We boast same day shipping and some amazing money-saving tiered pricing!

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